Global Warming

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A New World Model Including Energy and Climate Change Data
Abstract: An updated systems model of global climate, resources, and energy extending the original World3 (“Limits to Growth”) model by inclusion of climate change and it's interaction with resources and energy. Outcomes are derived for total energy resources, human population, nutrition, consumption, economic activity and other parameters. Long-term outcomes are derived for a 1900 C.E. to 2100 C.E. time sequence, with human population decline.

$CO_2$ Concentration at Mauna Loa


$CO_2$ concentration is clearly accelerating.

Bubbles of warming, beneath the ice

  • Methane (CH4) has at least 20 times the heat-trapping effect of an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide (CO2).
  • As warmer air thaws Arctic soils, as much as 50 billion metric tons of methane could be released from beneath Siberian lakes alone

Less Oil, More CO2 ? The interplay between Climate Change and Peak Oil

Climate Wizard



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